Choudhary Meer Singh

Choudhary Meer Singh (1917-2015) played an important role in the individual Satyagraha Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi in 1940 and was among the leaders of the ‘underground’ activities in Delhi during the ‘Quit India’ movement. He was imprisoned Many times during the freedom struggle.

Ch. Meer Singh hailed from Munirka Village, a Jaat Dominated village in South-West Delhi.
He was a son of wealthy zamindar of Delhi Ch. Chandgi Ram. He was humanitarian. Major proportion of which known today as R.K Puram, the land on which R.K Puram is situated major proportion of it was given by Ch. Meer Singh to the government for the development of the area and state.

In the post-independence era,  Ch. Meer Singh contested Lok Sabha election four times. In the year 1952 he had given a really tough fight to Ch. Brahm Prakash. He had defeated the latter in the counting and was declared winner but due to chaos created there was major mishandling of the ballots. These instances in his life  did not stop him but rather made him stronger and more Adamant towards making the society a better place.

Ch. Meer Singh was humanitarian. He was always concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare. He was involved in social activities and services towards the society from a every early age and always wished for the upliftment of the rural areas and also the upliftment of the Jaat community. He was a vital part in the Jaat community.  He headed the 365 village panchayat held against house taxation and for the relieve of house tax for Lal Dora land. Further implementation of ‘ kiraya Kaanoon’ was also headed by him. He was a major pillar in getting Delhi villages under the Lal Doora.

He along with his friends  Ch. Devi Lal, Ch. Charan Singh, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Nathu Ram Mirdha and Ram Niwas Mirdha did lot of social work for the upliftment of their societies as well as for the upliftment of rural areas. He along with Choudhary Charan Singh went to jail during the time of emergency. Ch. Meer Sing along with his friend Ram Niwas Mirdha and Ch. Mouji Ram founded Surajmal Memorial Education Society in 1972 an educational society based in New Delhi. He was the major pillar of the Surajmal Memorial Educational Society. He had a great vision for the rural youths. Ch. Meer Singh established SMES  with the objective of providing educational opportunities to the rural youths and to discover and preserve the historical heritage of the rural communities with particular reference to the peasants of North and North-West India.

He was also the first and the founder of Gaushala in Delhi in Mehruli.  He was the chairperson of Gaushala till death. He did a lot for the upliftment of Gaushala. He did charity for the poor people both in rural and urban areas. He was against the cow slaughter. Got people together for the upliftment of cows.

He believed in human welfare. He did social activities for the upliftment of the poor. He visioned to educate and uplift not only the Jaat Community but all the rural areas. He wanted education to reach every corner of the country.


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